Saint Dominic's Catholic Church, Torrance

Cardinal Gray
Our Lord often used parables to get his message across.
Try these modern stories - "Footprints" - "Take my Son" - " Is your cross too heavy?"
St Dominic's, Torrance
Parish Priest: Fr John Deighan
Telephone: 01360 310276
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15th July 2018


St Paul’s

St Dominic’s

St Machan’s

15th Sunday of Year (B)

9.00am Mass
6.30pm Rite of Reception – Ian Young


12.00pm Mass


10.00am Funeral  Mass – Ian Young


10.00am Mass


8.15am Exposition
9.30am Mass


10.00am Exposition, rosary and readings



10.00am Mass
7.00pm Rite of Reception – Michael Malloy


8.15am Exposition
9.30am Mass
Novena following Mass


10.00am Funeral Mass – Michael Malloy




10.00am Mass


8.15am Exposition
9.30am Mass
Confessions following Mass


10.00am Mass
5.30pm Vigil Mass
Confessions following both Masses

16th Sunday of Year (B)

9.00am Mass


12.00pm  Mass

Mission Appeal: Next week-end Fr John Clark from the Comboni Missionaries will make an appeal at all week-end Masses.

Day for Altar Servers: At Gillis Centre, Edinburgh, Saturday 1st September. 11am-3pm. Servers from across the diocese will be gathering for a day of faith and fun. We’ll run a minibus for our servers, so transport will not be an issue. Servers, save the date!

Sunday Collections: St Paul’s £454.00 St Dominic’s £215.00

Please pray for:

Recently died: Ian Young

Anniversaries: Cardinal Gordon Joseph Gray

Sick/housebound/in hospital: Alan Stevens, Tom Cassidy, Betty Glen, Pat Bingham, Grahame Blair, Sheila Coe,
Julie Moody, Theresa Ridgeway, Tommy Wright.