Saint Dominic's Catholic Church, Torrance
Our Lord often used parables to get his message across.
Try these modern stories - "Footprints" - "Take my Son" - " Is your cross too heavy?"
St Dominic's, Torrance
Parish Priest: Fr John Deighan
Telephone: 01360 310276
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19th May 2019


St Paul’s

St Dominic’s

St Machan’s

5th Sunday of Easter Year (C)

10:00am Mass


12:00pm Mass

St Bernardine of Siena


10:00am Mass
6:30pm Reception, Teddy Shovlin

St Christopher Magallanes


10:00am Funeral Mass
Teddy Shovlin




8:45am Exposition
followed by Novena 9:50am




10:00am Mass


8:15am Exposition
9:30am Mass
followed by Rosary


5:30pm Vigil Mass
Confessions following

6th Sunday of Easter Year (C)

10.30am Mass

9:00am Mass

12:00pm  Mass

Welcome: Logan Alexander, who was baptised this weekend at St Machan’s. Please pray for him along with her parents and godparents.

First Holy Communions: Please continue to pray for the children, families and teachers who have received First Holy Communions this weekend.

Project Meeting: Will take place Tuesday 21st May 7pm at St Paul’s Hall, all welcome.

Special Collection: Next weekend 25/26th May there will be a special collection for Aged & infirm Clergy Fund, Gift Aid envelopes are at the back to allow you to take them away and return next weekend.

SCIAF WEE Box: Please return your WEE BOX as soon as you can. Thank you.

Youth Group: Full list of dates available at back of Church, next date for Youth Group has changed to Thursday 23rd of May instead of Thursday 30th May 6.30pm – 7.30pm in the hall.

Gift Aid Envelopes: Can Gift Aid envelope contributor number 28 please see Mary McEwan.

Sunday Collection: St Paul’s £684.50  St Dominic’s £203.10

Please pray for:

Recently Died: Elizabeth Tolland, Bernadette Allan.

Anniversaries: Elinor McInnes, John McCormack, Pat Kennedy, Joseph Carey, Bett Allan Mary Slavin, Juan Brannan.

Sick/housebound/in hospital: Paul D’Agostino, Margaret McCann, Teddy Shovlin, Robert McEwan, Canon Conway, Bryce Kerr,
Pat McParland, Charles Allan, Mary Lynch, Betty Glen, Grahame Blair, Andrew Gallagher, Sister Margareta, Julie Moody, Theresa Ridgeway.